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Somehow the waves carried my left leg underneath one of the chains and the weight of the anchor chain held me in a straining position until another wave loosened me. mc N 761, in the Family History Area. The National Archives give no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for the purpose of the information provided. After the War my hometown erected a monument to honor the men who had died in service from my town. Edward's body was later washed ashore in Scotland. PASSENGER LISTS Journey to Australia Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild THE COMPASS PASSENGER LISTS If you find a ship you would like to research you will find the URL link under the site name and also at the bottom of the page. see description line storage D28 144038857786 We hold permanent records created by Federal agencies and courts in the following states: New Jersey New York Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands Hours and Address Enlarge Directions Address One Bowling Green, Room 328 New York, NY 10004 Phone: 212-401-1620 Toll-free: 1-866-840-1752 Fax: 212-401-1638 Email: newyork.archives@nara.gov Hours The National Archives has passenger arrival records, sometimes called "ship passenger lists," for arrivals to the United States from foreign ports between approximately 1820 and December 1982 (with gaps). I was in bed and heard gunshots, I ran downstairs and sat on the piano bench scared and I thought the Germans had invaded us. This means that you are likely to find what initially appear to be discrepancies when you click through to the image of the passenger list. The "RMS" prefix stands for Royal Mail Ship, as she carried overseas mail under a contract between Orient Line and Royal Mail. This ship had gone wrong and could not be steered, so on a raging wave she plunged right into the middle of our ship, tearing a great hole in her side. I cannot learn anything about him here, and I cannot get out of the hospital yet to search for him. Just after breakfast on Sunday morning 6 October 1918 there was a great jarring and the ship trembled severley. Vessel. Able Body Seaman, Francis Edwin Turner, Royal Navy, Service No. You can search and download lists of ships' passengers entering and leaving the United Kingdom from and for ports outside Europe and the Mediterranean. Seaman Goodwin was lost at sea aged 39-years when the HMS Otranto, on which he was serving, sank off the coast of Islay on 6th October 1918. That is, passengers may go to sleep Wednesday night and find that it is still Wednesday when they arise the next morning. L. Baldry. Captain Ernest W. Davidson true to the ancient traditions of the sea, stayed with his ship and went down with her in the terrible sea as he saluted his men for one last time. Herbert A. Dodd listed above. The sea departure cards are not linked to corresponding passenger lists (where they exist), and so you may be returned two results for the same person on the same voyage. Notes. Your son, Belfast, Ireland. Then many years later, in 1949 she received a further refit to accommodate 1,052 One Class immigrants. He sailed aboard the HMS Otranto on the 25th September 1918 and he was killed during the 6 October sinking of the Otranto. She reported to Admiral Cradock in his flagship, HMS Good Hope and then made her escape as she was no match for the German guns. privacy policy, Need more context? What kind of passenger records do we hold? He sailed on the Otranto with Casual Company No. The photo on the right shows five HMS Otranto crewmen. You need to bear in mind also that a significant proportion of passengers are shown on the original list without an age - these 'blank' ages are shown in your returned results together with those of the right year of birth, so that you can consider them as well. Westward bound ships when crossing the line skip a day, and . I was quite seasick for four days and nights, but I overcame that and felt good, although I would have been very glad to have seen land. OTRANTO | Passengers in History OTRANTO OTRANTO - 1909 OTRANTO Modify Page Content Ship Details Rig Steel Twin Screw Steamer, 2000 nhp Built 1909 Built In Belfast Tonnage 12,124g 7,433n Built By Workman Clark & Co Dimensions 535'4 x 64' x 38'7" Demise London: SS Otranto (Orient Line) travelling from Brisbane to London. Passing time with a boxing match on board the HMS Otranto with Seaman Francis Edwin Turner on the left and an unidentified sailor from another ship on the right. He is buried in the Chatham Naval Memorial, grave reference 28. There were several men in the hospital who were killed outright. Deutschland 1866, 2800 tons, 325ft x 40ft. Such duplicates were written out again by hand (not produced using carbon paper). Summary Menu 'At The Equator' published by the Orient Line for passengers travelling on the SS Otranto in 1954 and used for a child's birthday party. It was the lookouts from the Otranto that first spotted the German fleet. We have constructed the database in such as way so that, where a port has had two names within the period covered by the BT27 data series, the ports are joined together in the drop-down list and therefore are searched together. L. Baldry contacted me about his grandfather, Francis Edwin Turner who was a crewman on the HMS Otranto. His body was recovered and later returned to Farmington, Illinois for burial. For example, if you search for William Lancaster and you type in William Lan*, your search will return a list of results that include names such as William Lane or William Landau - as well as William Lancaster. He enlisted 5 April, 1917 from Ottawa, Kansas. Smith sailed on the HMS Otranto on 25 September 1918 with the C.A.C. There were 66 people hospitalised, six of whom were in intensive care, a . As well as giving you additional information, sea departure cards give you a chance to view a person's signature. His mother, Mrs. Sam Smith, 348 Kilgore St., Cincinnati, Ohio, was notified as next of kin of his death. This information will help us make improvements to the website. First Settlers of New Hampshire. New York Passengers (1820-1891) - familysearch: Searching for New York Passengers up to 1891 in One Step New York Passengers (1925-1957) - familysearch: Searching for New York Passengers from 1925 onward in One Step All NY Ship Lists (1820-1957) - familysearch: Searching for Ships in all New York Microfilms in One Step Synopsis His family came to see him off in New York before he left, signing a $10,000 life insurance before he left. [1], In 1926 Otranto was slightly damaged when she struck a rock at Cape Grosso, Greece during a heavy rainstorm. At the time of writing, these include Jones River, Plantation and Stoopville. Traduzioni in contesto per "advised to return him" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: Given his history, I was advised to return him to the authorities. If the card is for a child, you will be able to view the relevant parent's detail on the reverse of the card; similarly, if you find a parent travelling with a child, you will be able to view both sides of the card for the same charge. Most of them are small farmers, who intend settling upon the lands of tthe South Australian Company. He enlisted into the Regular Army at Columbus Barracks, Ohio on 7 August 1918 at the age of 20 years 8 months old. This information on Cpl. Able Body Seaman Turner was one of the last to jump from the Otranto and saw the ship and Captain Ernest W. Davidson go down as he waved to his men as he stayed by his charge to the very end. When I was a child we had a book about the first world war and the last page was about the Troopship Otranto which had been sunk. Able Seaman Fuller, J.69782 was a member of the crew of the HMS Otranto and was killed during the sinking on October 6, 1918. His detachment was sailing aboard the Otranto and Sgt. He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft from Fort Screven Georgia. Port of arrival. Our ship, a British transport, the Otranto, was a large well-armed vessel. Arrived at Faslane for scrapping by British Iron & Steel Corp. William Patrick Battle, Jr. was from Augusta, Georgia. Eastward bound ships when crossing this line observe the same date twice. Not long after breakfast, about 9:30 oclock, we felt a great jar. -The following American survivors of the Otranto, all of them privates, have been landed here: Charles E. Smithson, David R. Roberts, George S. Taylor, Earle Garver, Stewart Early [Early Steward], Noah Taylor, William Cooney, Robert F. Schaun, Thomas A. Kelly, Ben Smith, Robert Brown, Joseph S. Richards, William Richards, Emil Peterson, Joseph M. His father, Samuel Dull of Arcanum, Ohio, was notified as next of kin of his death. If you wish to search by country, simply select the country but leave the destination port dropdown at its default 'all ports within destination country' setting. Six hundred men owe their lives to him. Passenger List Page - Irish Genealogical Society - MN. He sailed aboard the HMS Otranto on the 25th September 1918 and he was killed during the 6 October sinking of the Otranto. Passengers For New England, 1638, pg 108. Kish was born in Cleveland, Ohio about 1899 and at the time of enlistment he lived in Cleveland, Ohio. His service number was 213177 and died while serving on the ship on 26 March 1918. Passenger lists are not always clear or precise as to their exact routes and any ports of call on their way to their final destination. Charles' body was recovered and buried in England. RMS Otranto was an ocean liner that was built for the Orient Steam Navigation Company in 1925. This ripped a large hole in her side at the point where the ships hospital was. One had to hold to something to keep from being swept overboard. I was the only War Orphan in my town and that is why I was selected to unveil the monument. Pvt. The loss of life was heavy - 431 drowned, including 351 American soldiers - though there were 367 survivors in all. Names have also been standardised where they appear variously as one or two words, e.g., Ionic Star and Ionicstar. Researchers should note that there is no strict geographical relation between, for example, a passenger's last address within the British Isles and the port from which they embarked overseas. We place some essential cookies on your device to make this website work. 1 from Fort Screven Georgia, and sailed aboard the HMS Otranto on the 25th September 1918. These are digitised records from two. I was under water for the third time. He enlisted into the Regular Army at Columbus Barracks, Ohio on 17 October 1918 at the age of 18 years 6 months old. He was selected as part of the September Automatic Replacement Draft, Company 1, from Fort Screven Georgia. Also on his discharge papers, it gives the dates of his departure on Sept. 25, 1918 to go overseas, and his return date of January 14, 1919. A few destinations in Africa which have yet to be allocated a country are included under Africa in the dropdown list. A full account of the Johnson-Jeffries fight was received from the Macedonia's operator on Monday. Have you found an error with this catalogue description? I think about him a lot and keep wondering about our meeting when I get to heaven. I can remember standing in front of my mother at the funeral parlor and seeing his coffin with the flag over it. For example, in the 1890s passenger lists the city known as Jakarta was generally referred to as Batavia, so if you select the destination country Indonesia you will find that we have joined together these two names as Jakarta (Batavia) in the dropdown list of ports. Her tonnages were 20,032gross register tons(GRT), 12,031net register tons(NRT) and 12,228 tons under deck. Paul F. Smith service number 793373 was killed during the sinking of the Otranto on 6 October, 1918. "MED" or medical reasons. Otranto was in service until 1957, when she was sold for scrap. He wrapped himself around railings. In addition, the names found in the index are linked to actual images of the passenger lists, copied from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm, M237, rolls 95-580 and T715 . Variations of spelling have been standardised as far as possible to avoid confusion and to ease searching. He helps Isabella escape from the castle during Manfred's suspenseful pursuit, while also attracting the . Able Seaman Sidney George Ludlow. Dilts was given to me by his daughter Barbara Dilts Joike who on December 17, 2004, turned 90 years old. Other services may also be available. Others were on deck, but their hold wasnt very good and they were swept overboard. S.A.R., [September Automatic Replacement] C.A.C., When we landed I found I couldnt walk very well. We didnt sleep very much and Sunday morning found us on a raging sea a fearful sea.

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